AGENDA – 19/05



Partnerships for Regional Innovation strongly advocates the mission-oriented innovation policy approach and local missions. Putting creation of partnerships at the core, the process of mission development requires collaboration between different types of stakeholders and perhaps even different regions. Therefore, the workshop will provide an opportunity to better understand the mission approach, starting from local and potentially reaching up to interregional level. It will offer practical hands-on work focused on the societal challenges of the Azores and will set the ground for all participants to start their mission initiatives. Workshops is designed to be interactive for all participants to be able to engage and learn.

The workshop is primarily intended for PRI Pilot participants but is open to anyone wishing to learn and apply the knowledge later in building better regional policies following a mission approach. Expected number of participants: 20-30 from various EU regions.

-Understanding the key concepts/practical steps
-Working on a practical case
-Building interface for interregional collaboration on missions


09:00 – 09:30h


09:30 – 09:45h

Opening session:

▪ Flávio TiagoRegional Director for Science and Technology, Azores

▪ Mikel LandabasoDirector, Joint Research Center, Seville (online intervention)

▪ Matthijs Janssen Utrecht University 

▪ Ramojus Reimeris Joint Research Center, Seville

09:45 – 10:00h


▪ Program objectives, mission theory and practice Matthijs Janssen (Utrecht University) – download

10:00 – 10:15h

S3 and societal challenges:

▪ Reflection from 17th of May event – Francisco Wallenstein Macedo (Technology and Innovation Division, Azores) – download

10:15 – 10:35h

Mission Scoping/Formulation:

▪ Co-developing shared agendas Tatiana Fernandez (Generalitat de Catalunya)

▪ Theories of change + Task 1 instructions – Matthijs Janssen (Utrecht University)

10:35 – 11:00h

Task 1: Develop a theory of change

▪ Reason back from impact to outcome to output to input/throughput

▪ Which ‘impulses’ are needed for achieving the mission? (Knowledge, funding, regulation, legitimacy/visibility)

▪ Which R&D and non-R&D policies would you need?

11:00 – 11:20h

Plenary discussion of Task 1

▪ Matthijs Janssen (Utrecht University)

11:20 – 11:45h

Coffee Break

11:45 – 12:05h

Mission Design

▪ Matthijs Janssen (Utrecht University)

12:05 – 12:30h

Task 2: Design a mission for each of the 3 challenges

▪ What governance structures / role distribution for different actors?

▪ What tasks are needed, and how would you implement them? (incremental/radical)

▪ What challenges do you expect?

▪ What would you monitor?

12:30 – 12:45h

Plenary discussion of Task 2

▪ Matthijs Janssen (Utrecht University)

12:45 – 13:15h

Peer learning panel

Moderator: Luísa Henriques (Foundation for Science and Technology)

Panel: Desislava Koleva (Gabrovo City, Bulgaria), Helen Vogelmann (Region Dalarna, Sweden), Luis Goñi (Sociedad de Desarollo de Navarra, Spain), Teresa Jorge (CCDR-Centro, Portugal)

▪ What of your experiences are relevant for Azores? (National level interventions)

• What lessons do you take home?          

▪ (How do you (like to) use interregional linkages?)

▪ JRC wrap up

13:15 – 13:30h

Closure session:

▪ Elvira Fortunato Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal

▪ José Manuel Cabral Dias BolieiroPresident of the Regional Government of the Azores

13:30 – 14:30h



14:30 – 18:00h

Social Program:

Study Visits – Regional R&D based innovation projects*

▪ Gorreana Tea Factory

▪ Azorean Pineapple Plantation

Please be aware that all sessions will be in English

* Transportation for the study visits will be arranged by the organization. The pick-up and drop-off location is at Igreja do Colégio